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Recent and forthcoming:

Comparative Literature in Britain, 1800-2000: National identities, transnational dynamics (Oxford: MHRA/Legenda, 2019). Info here.

‘Nationale identiteit als perpetuum mobile: identiteitsbesef in permanente wording’, chapter 4 in Denkend aan Nederland: Een bundeling van analyses, thematische verkenningen en essays (Sociaal Cultureel Rapport, 23019; The Hague: Sociaal-Cultureel Planbureau, 2019), 3-27. PDF here.

‘The North: A cultural stereotype between metaphor and national essentialism’, in Northern myths, modern identities: The nationalisation of northern mythologies since 1800, ed. Simon Halink (Leiden: Brill, 2019), 13-32.

‘Mentalities in Transition: Irish Romanticism in European Context’, in Irish Literature in Transition, ed. Claire Connolly & Marjorie Howes (6 vols.; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 2020), 2: 342-358

Key publications:

2018 Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe (online as web resource at; book publication 2 vols., Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press)

2017 “The never-ending stream: Cultural mobilization over the Rhine”, in The Rhine: National tensions, romantic visions, ed. M. Beller & J. Leerssen (Leiden: Brill), 224-261.

2016 “Cuchulain in the General Post Office: Gaelic Revival, Irish Rising”, Journal of the British Academy, 4: 137-168.

2015 "The nation and the city: Urban festivals and cultural mobilization", Nations and nationalism, 21.1: 2-20.

2015 “De Limburgse identiteit”, in Limburg: Een geschiedenis, ed. P. Tummers et al (Maastricht: LGOG), 3: 303-322.

2014 Commemorating writers in 19th-century Europe; Nation-building and centenary fever, ed. with A. Rigney (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan)

2014 "Romanticism, music, nationalism", Nations and nationalism, 20.4: 606-627

2013 "Notes toward a definition of Romantic Nationalism", Romantik: Journal for the study of Romanticisms 2: 9-36

2011 Spiegelpaleis Europa: Europese cultuur als mythe en beeldvorming (Nijmegen: Vantilt; 3rd ed. 2015)

2006 De bronnen van het vaderland: Taal, literatuur en de afbakening van Nederland, 1806-1892 (Nijmegen: Vantilt; 2nd ed. 2011)

2006 National thought in Europe: A cultural history (Amsterdam UP; 3rd ed. 2010; Catalan trl. Valencia: Afers, 2019)

1996 Remembrance and imagination. Patterns in the historical and literary representation of Ireland in the nineteenth century (Cork UP)

1986 Mere Irish and Fíor-Ghael. Studies in the idea of Irish nationality, its development and literary expression prior to the nineteenth century (Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins; 2nd ed. Cork UP, 1996)