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Early-stage projects and fields of interest include

  • Populism as neo-nationalism
  • Cultural nationalism outside Europe
  • National identity as consumer spectacle: Tourism, sports events, festivals and World Fairs
  • Liège and Cologne localism: from ancien-régime sovereignty to modern regionalism
  • Memories online

Brief outlines of these can be found under the "Projects" tab.

Thanks to the partnerships around SPIN and the insights gained in the course of thesis supervision, I have also been tangentially involved in fascinating projects on the history of political ideas in East-Central Europe, nation-formaton in East-Central and South-Eastern Europe, Romantic Nationalism in the Nordic world, Scandinavism, the role of city cultures in nation formation, the imagology of Spain and the Netherlands in the period 1650-1850, the transition from Ottomanist to Turkist cultural self-positioning, and familial and cultural memories of the Armenian genocide.

All I could bring to these projects was a theoretical framework; the actual historical material uncovered was all new to me, and a highly instructive learning curve.