The Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms aims to chart the cultural and historical root system of European nationalisms and to bring into focus those intellectual networks which carried and disseminated the emerging ideals of cultural nationalism in the Romantic period and in the long nineteenth century (1770-1914).

SPIN is funded by the Spinoza Prize which was awarded to me in 2008 by the Dutch funding organization NWO.
An important and very complex cultural field/medium within this complex of nationalizing cultures is that of music. SPIN was able to develop this area thanks to an Academy Professorship award from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Encyclopedia on Romantic Nationalism in Europe

The Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism (ERNiE) is SPIN’s flagship project. It contains analytical articles on themes and persons, as well as historical documentation (Letters, Writings, Images, Music etc.), tracing and visualizing the transnational rise of national culture-building in 19th-century Europe.



The Imagologica website is dedicated to the critical analysis of cultural stereotypes. Imagology, a specialism originally developed in the discipline of Comparative Literature, studies how certain temperamental characteristics are stereotypically imputed to certain nationalities.